[EU] New Jericho [PVP/SLEEP]

New 200 slot server created 12/26/2013. Tired of abusive admins? Me too. I like the hardcore survival nature of this game, and admin powers are something I’d rather not use, but apparently can’t trust to anyone else. If you just want to play fairly like me, join our server and see if you like it.

PVP - enabled
Sleepers - enabled

Had some new people move in… hopefully these DDoSers get bored soon.

And DDoS… Great server though.

Well, we have some good people sticking with us through the DDoS attacks. Play at your own risk. The server may or may not get wiped. Can’t wait for a solid fix so we can all continue playing this great game.

Everything seems to be working just fine now. Come on down and join us!