[EU] new rust server :) (instant craft/no sleep/ airdrops)

Hello friends of rust :slight_smile:

we got a ne rust server with instant craft / no sleep / 15+ airdrops and started 4 days ago. We are friendly and fair admins, everyone is welcome. There are no wipes planed. Hope to see you guys there to have a great time in rust. Lets build our storys :slight_smile:

Edit: This plugins will coming soon:

-Advanced Missions
-Advanced Kits
-Decay Control
-Welcome Kit
-List Players


See you:)


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EDIT: /list, /kit hatchet and /kit Starter, /admins and /arena (events will come)

these Plugins are now online :slight_smile:

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Added Missions

/mission - shows list of targets available
/mission <target name> shows list of missions and awards
/mission <target name> <mission name> - joins the mission

have fun :slight_smile: