[EU] New Server (24/02) - Active & Fair Admins/PvP/Sleepers/Oxider/Starter - MercForCookies.co.uk

Hello all!

Our community has just setup our own rust server after the one we were playing on closed down.

We plan to keep it around for the foreseeable future, and want to meet some new faces in the process!

The map is new (as of 24/02) - and we are running a basic Oxide setup. We are a established community, and have 8-10 of our own players on rust.
(Note: We are all separate! We won’t be 10v1’ing you!)

Connection Info:
(F1 then type the above)

Server Info:
EU Based, PvP: On, 1x Starter Kit available for newcomers, Active Admins (All MFC are admins - only with kick/ban etc powers)

Teamspeak 3 & Website:

We operate a TS3 - to connect use mercforcookies.co.uk or avengeruk.co.uk for the address.

& Visit us / Post in our forums @ http://www.mercforcookies.co.uk/


Hey, i saw you the other night!, its a fun server :slight_smile: there were 11 players last night :smiley:

Glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile:

I have played on this server, nice admins. seems to be quite new so much room to hide and build! havn’t seen any bandits yet either.