[EU]New SerVer Lot's of Noobs join now and pwn ;D[Even More Hardcore]

******NEW Server Lot’s of noobs come stay and pwn **
Server is fun of fun and is friendly to new players more rules you can find @ the steam grp http://steamcommunity.com/groups/emhc



  1. 75 slot server (may be or may be not increased in future)
  2. PVP
  3. Sleepers
  4. Door sharing
  5. No locked backpacks
  6. Death messages, active admins, nudity on, custom air drops, military weapons and C4 removed from craft beside 9mm handguns.
  7. English or polish on global chat only.
  8. Excessive flaming or naming will end up in MUTE and if it will occur repeatedly PERMBANS
  9. Admins are active players but they will NEVER abuse their power to make their game easier or such.
  10. Usage of any 3rd party programs colloquially called hacks or cheats will be ending in PERMBANS after investigation.
  11. It is forbidden to build your own structures in any structure or town that has loot in it.
  12. You cannot build house higher than 15 floors. (High structures are causing lags and so)
  13. “Flying houses” will be removed without any questions asked. Any other abusive usage or remove tool will end up with destroying house and/or bans.