[EU] NFOHump Official / AD8+ / LowDrop / No Military Crafts

The server is up and running finaly after a lot of hassle and testing with the loot drops.

Our goal is to offer a different, hopefully more exciting Rust experience with the lack of craftable weapons or Kevlar Armor.
Make people think twice about bringing out that M4/Bolt Action or their precious Kevlar Armor.

Some information about how things work:

  • No Research Kits
  • No Blueprints for Weapons
  • Leather/Rad Suit Blueprints drop
  • C4/Grenades drop from Crates, Zombies and AD to make raiding viable
  • 9mm Pistol is the most common drop. P250, Shotgun, MP5, M4 and Bolt Action are all pretty rare
  • Ammo drops are pretty rare and 9mm Ammo is only available from crafting
  • Useless items like Paper/Blood Draw Kit/Explosives have been removed from drops completely
  • Metal House parts as drops only, no blueprints, hopefully to encourage some trading if people amass too much of a single part
  • One AD chest drops ONE full set of Kevlar if the chest drops, only way to acquire Kevlar
  • Small Medkits are pretty common, and blueprint for them is rare. Large Medkits are from drops only

Propably forgot to meantion everything but that is the rough idea how things work here.

We are open to suggestions on how you think thinks should be done and what to change.

We also have our own TS3/Mumble servers online if people wish to use them, info for them can be found ingame and you can request your own channels for them.

To connect, just hit F1 and type “net.connect” without the quotes.

Forums are on their way…


(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two" - postal))

This is pretty much what I’ve been looking for !

This idea has much potential, and i will definitely join the server.

Glad to have you! Peaked at 8 players yesterday, hopefully soon reach a steady playerbase.

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Players slowly crawling to the server

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A little perk: Everytime a new peak of 10 players (10, 20, 30 etc) is reached I’ll do a manual airdrop!

Pretty good start for launch day :wink:

16 online, make it a new peak tonite?