[EU] NightMare Island [PVP/Sleep/Events] by JoKiiE


Hello everybody.
You may or may haven’t seen my trailer for “NightMare Island” which I posted in the wrong section of the forum.
So I’m going to fix that by reposting it even better. Well I hope so. :smiley:

Let me proudly introduce you once again, NightMare Island.
Hope you like it. Leave me a comment on Youtube, it took me a lot of time and I have put quite some effort into it. :3
Edited by me DarkJoker212.

Important informations:**

[NEW!] |08.01.2014|12.01.2014

Added Oxide to the plugins

**- Share your’e doors with your friends! [Type /share NAME]

  • Starter kits TYPE: /kit starter
  • Chat history
  • FixYourName
  • Groups
  • Oxmin



If Rust gets on Steam for sale and comes out of the Alpha, there is hopefully going to be a huge update at which cause the servers will have to be resetted.
So if all this happens there is a chance for every new player and even the Alpha players to start from the beginning
and rise up with everyone so we are all equaly strong.

  • There will be an airdrop event at <time is not chosen yet, stay tunes>. Be smart and chose wisely which airdrop you want to try to get.
    The amount of airdrops will depend on how many poeple are playing at this time.

  • I am going to hide a few large storage boxes with valuable loot all over the map.

~Just an advice: Try not to explore the map at this day if it’s going to be updated and build start building where you are street-smart.
You can still explore the map later on.

Servername: [EU] NightMare Island|PVP|DoorShare|Group|Kits|
Slots: 200
Press F1 and copy/past this: net.connect


No Cheating - results in a permban
No Flaming / when you get raided
No Rasism
No Duping - results in a permban
If you suspect a hacker send me a PM or contact an InGame admin.
We will only wipe the server if needed for updates.

We have active admins and nice players ! :slight_smile:
We help players up when they need help at the start.
Also there is no admin abuse.

//Have fun and hopefully we will see you soon//
#**Nightmare Island
If it get’s requested we can add a beginners guide.

Text by Besenviech <3

For those who don’t own the game yet and are interesting in buying it
as soon as it is available on steam. It will cost $19,99 / €14.64.

And it work on multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux and OSX.
OSX is currently facing some issues with the game but the developers are working hard to fix it.

Steam release is coming on the 11th of december.

We wipe the server on 10.12 :slight_smile:

Server updated and wiped today.

Banned today cheaters.


Steamprofil: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ThomasAsb/

Its steamrelease and the first cheaters are here… really shit.

Dark, your Server have Teamspeak? and can u restart? because of a new Update

It’s updated :slight_smile: and atm we doesn’t have a public teamspeak.
I set one up on one of my Rootservers :slight_smile:


BaluDerBär - banned for cheating.

Hurrikann - Banned for insults.

Server down?

Its up again :slight_smile:


Banned 2 Players
Banned for server-insults and player insults

Hey guys pls dont trust this admins… they are raiding 24/7 newbies yesterday he got raided by a 3 men grp they got banned the reason is flaming … but today we raided them and we got a ban too (for flaming) but all what we said was that they cant raid everyone while abusing admin tool…
they will upload the movie but remember they will cut like shit and ask for yesterday movie!

Big words for a guy that talk to anyone shit and say to all guys on the server “Leave this Server!”.
We banned you for insults and not for the raid.
Also we have a Videoproof of the insults.

You made a big Metalhouse in 1 day also and you say we abuse the admin rights?
Why are than still 80+ every day on the server and no one flames?
Do you flame anyone that has a bigger base than yourself? Yes.

The guys from yesterday also not get banned for the raid (they blew only 3 doors and than they go away.)
This guys are also banned for flaming the server and talk to other guys in msg’s that they must leave the server.

You guys say everyday: Oh shit server etc and why you dont leave it than?
We are a big Team and build together, we have such people like you who only flamen, not necessary on the server.

We say stop the insults - and you dont stop.
So you’re own fault.
And the fact that you have specially created an account only to post here and flame again, shows that you’re a little Flamer.

Also YOUR Team raid the whole server, and not my team.
Go and flame somewhere else.

we didnt flame and we never say the server is shit!
sky talked admins abusing on this server and pudge explain to other newbies what admins can do and u ban him!
banning for explaining is abusing too!
we help alot of guys ask enough guys and u will see we are friendly
pls upload the video and we will see that.
and i make a account because we want our own server because we dont want handle admin abusing on community servers!
and your VAC ban talks enoguh

btw my team are Joole and Me

I couldn’t see anyone flaming… but really… raiding newbies sucks, 1. Reason stop playing on this server.

sure you are not abusing Admin? If you got 100 m4’s and full kevlar again, u are abusing.

Stop banning for Raiding the Admins. thanks^^

want to see the Video.

You wasnt here yesterday, Flaw.
Also you are a friend of Fujamate and doesnt need to talk to a problem where you were not present.
The guys flaming the full fucking day. And i say it many times when you think we are abusing than GO AWAY.
We have enough player that know that we doesnt abuse the rights.

100 M4’s? We had 12 before we got raided.
And as I said we are a big group.
And also when we see noobs, we doesn’t kill them that can everyone confirm.
We help them out with things we have in our inventory.

But hey Fujamate, go and take all your’e friends to this thread also this guys that wasnt in this time on the server :slight_smile: - like i say: flamer.

This conversation is over for me.
I did not need to justify myself against such children.

yeah flaw added me after i got banned… people talks to him that i got banned dude

[editline]18th December 2013[/editline]

nvm all fine now we go straight our way!
gl hf joki

muhahaha darkjoker, biggest joke ever!
for eng users, here u can hear darkjoker (joined our stream) explain, DUPEING IS NOT CHEATING lol


i will not join the incoming flames after my post of this kiddy, i had to delete many stupid comments from him on our videos :wink:

I’ve said they removed the dupeing in all possibilities.
And you and your’e team talks about cheats that makes it possible and that this isn’t still removed.
I talk about the word: Dupe.
Dupe means not cheating, it is the duplicate of existing objects.

And you say to me kiddy?
You buy likes for your’e video that has 0 comments.
80 Likes and 0 comments?
You delete all comments that say’s what are you for an idiot.
And now? Your’e Video is deleted for buyed likes:

Grow up old man.
Your’e face is a joke.

How can anyone with a brain take you serious?
You cut out the last part of the whole conversation and write in the infobox that when JoKiiE joined you guys he started talking nonsense and shit. It’s easy for you to cut out the conversation and put something up like this.

If you really want others to believe you, you should put up an uncut version of this conversation.
But then again everyone would see how deeply wrong you are.

About this “Duping is no cheating”…
First you have to know what cheating exacly means and it means getting an advantage in a way it’s not supposed to be like abusing bugs or using third party programs.

You knew what cheating exacly means but JoKiiE didn’t know that.
He was trying to say that duping is not hacking. But for this little unknown detail you put up so much BS…

Good job you are a truly grown up man.
You should get an award for being so mentally challenged.