[EU/NL] New Rust Sever, minimal Mods, Sleepers, Airdrops, PVP, etc.

Hello, our little FPS community over at crossfire.nu just threw up a Rust server of our own. We’re all dedicated Wolfenstein:Enemy-Territory and Return To Castle Wolfenstein players that occasionally dabble in other genres and games such as Rust.

The server went up a hour ago, we like the idea of keeping it as Vanilla as possible but added a few mods, for convenience nonetheless. Magma/Rust++ having been enabled but restricted to: /pm /r /players /ping /friends /addfriend /unfriend and /history. We’re also very open to suggestions and above all, active. Having started Rust merely 2 weeks ago, the group of us (roughly 10-15 players at this point) have accumulated more than 120 hours playtime each.

In any case, want to be part of a ever growing and friendly community? Give us a chance, you wont be disappointed!

To connect to our server simply open the console, by pressing F1 and enter: net.connect