[EU/NL]OXIDE/PVP/instacraft/airdrop/tp/helpfull admins[WIPED 11-3 ]

We are a server that fresh started again on 11-3.

The ip of the server is
(you can join by pressing ingame f1 and add this : net.connect

What are the features of the server ?

  • PVP
  • Events ( comming soon )
  • Every 10 min teleport
  • Airdrops
  • No wipes unless absolutely necessary
  • Friendly admins
  • Active admin support
  • No admin abuse
  • 50 player slots
  • Community

you can use your promo code ingame by typing in chat /promo m6ioy8

We hope to see you soon on the server !
If you have some questions ask them down below !