[EU] No Server worshiping, it's an event anouncement: The Royal Rumble!

Hi, €dit: starts on next sunrise ( in about 15 minutes :wink: )

we need about 1000 (at least!) people as spectators for this event, and 6 naked players! :wink:

The event starts NOW! 21:00 GMT+1, join immediately!

Join “net.connect” and move to S 12 (north of small Radtown) http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/685968994330864792/579AE7D8B6FDE462350889B93E3A069A66F67FF1/

What is the Royal Rumble? A maze of 90 Rooms, 45 crates 6 naked players, trying to find the loot and defend themselfs! And a mexican shoot-out for the final player! :wink:

Thats a fun event brought to you by [DDR]. Players get guarded shacks where they can store their inventory, get the starter-kit(2 bandages and 2 meat) as well as a sleeping bag for fast respawn to join the spectators.

Just join, move and have a whole lot of fun! :wink: NOW!

Spectators who pull out a gun are killed instantly. The only guns allowed are in the maze!


[DDR] Wutklumpen