[EU] Noddyland | DoorSharing | TreasureHunt | RareWeapons | Admins

Server name:
[EU] Noddyland | DoorSharing | TreasureHunt | RareWeapons | Admins

How to connect:
When in game, press F1 to get the console. Then paste in this:
net.connect eude40.playrust.eu:28010

PvP server
Sleeper On
Stable ping
Friendly to new players
Oxide (Rare Military Weapons. All Military weapons are uncraftable.)
Treasurehunting - (The admins put treasureboxes out in the world of Rust. They are hidden well, good luck!) (Often updated)
Arena - (Now and then the admins will host events at the arena. Usually 2v2 or 5v5.)
Admin tower and other buildings (You can raid these, if you dare. Loot inside!)
Active admins - (Admin rules are set, no abusing here) If there is, tell me(Genuflect) and I will fix it.
Admins spawn airdrops when they are online.

We already have a few active groups of people on our server and more to come!

Great server. Been playing for a few weeks. Very stable. Small groups are starting to emerge which is quite fun to battle with. Friendly server.

This Treasure hunt thing is so fun <3

Love this server. <3

Great server and very helpful to beginners.

Here to stay.