[EU] Noob-Friendly/PvP NoReset Sleepers

Ingame Press F1 en Paste this in the console: net.connect
(Ctrl+C Copy and Ctrl+V to Paste)
Crafting Speed is 2 times faster!
crafting.timescale “0.25”
env.timescale “0.0055555555” Longer Day/Night
default is “0.0066666667”
airdrop.min_players “20”
save.autosavetime “60” (In seconds so 1min)
Extra zombie loot!
Faster Gather respawn!
Active and Friendly Admin!
No Admin Abuse!

always check this group for updates on the server.
Best Map:
What is DeCay?

How Much Players Online?


Join The Fun !

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two" - postal))