[EU]Noobs Welcome (PVP | No Sleepers | Instant Craft) Hosted by EPM-Gaming.co.uk

Server Information:
Servername: [EU] Noobs Welcome (PVP/Instant craft)
Slots: 256
Press F1 and copy/past this: net.connect

Public TS3 Server:
IP: ts.epm-gaming.co.uk

No Cheating - Will get you a permban
No Flaming
No Racism
No Duping - Will get you a permbana

If you suspect a hacker send me a PM or contact an InGame admin.
If there are no admins ingame you can report them on our forums @ www.epm-gaming.co.uk/forum
You can also email me @ cortez@epm-gaming.co.uk

We have active admins and nice players ! :slight_smile:

Look forward to seeing you ingame

Opened a second server, i’ll post more info in this thread later.

Had a good night last night, we have about 20 players online and would be nice to see some new faces.

Steam auth issues are messing our server :stuck_out_tongue:

Had 60 players which is great so thanks guys but slowly dropping due to players not being able to connect.