[EU] Nordic | 50% Craft | PVP | *FRESH 5/2* | Oxide | Sleep


Me and some friends have started a new EU server for mainly nordic players!

[EU] Nordic | 50% Craft | PVP | FRESH 5/2 | Oxide | Sleep

Server has Airdrops, 50% craft and oxide with some addons for grouping and removing your own building parts (for a limited time if you misplace something)
Airdrops starts at 30 players.

We are 3 experienced admins who got tierd of abusing and cheaters so we bought our own server and we will help everyone out with their issues as best of our ability.

We are really friendly and we hope to create a nice/friendly community, so much KoS and other bad influences have gotten its grip on rust recently.

Everything is allowed besides cheating. You can raid however you want.


Bring your friends and lets have some fun =)