EU - NorthernExiles 24/7 Active admins, forums & special events!

Well, the title says it all!
We listen the community, do polls, so we know what the players from the servers want!
Mainly the server is for EU, cause the server is located at Germany, but everyone is more than welcome!
We are building some interesting events in the server, i dont want to spoil them here so others wont steal our great ideas! :wink:
Server has PVP: on, Sleepers: on. But all depends what the community wants!
Im starting to make new forums for the server so we can do polls and events there etc.
For new players, if you join with your friends we will promise ONE teleport to your friends location. So that if you and your friends are new at the game, dont know anything about the map, we are more than happy to help you out and enjoy the game with your friends!
At the moment we have raidcall and mumble on our use :slight_smile:
When you play in the server, your more than welcome youse the mumble and raidcall with your friends!
More information you can ask me from steam, add name โ€œmaighouโ€ Im the cool guy with the m16 in my hand.

Like always, every admin says that the server will stick around to the end of times, but im gonna keep up the server up as long we have players there!
As admin, im not using my admin powers to anything else than banning hackers. We take hacking seriously! I have fraps always on, and if someone says that he/she sees a hacker, i can teleport to him and fraps away, send that to valve and GG to you hackers!

Well, i think this was all, but ask if i forgot something!
Its 01:30 am here, and im tired, gonna go to bed and take my laptop, do some forums and then go sleep. Cu @ the s3rv3r!

HOW TO CONNECT TO THE SERVER: In game, press โ€œF1โ€ and copy this to the console โ€œnet.connectโ€ without the " marks.