[EU]noT-Rust 12.06 Grp/Rem/Eco/Slp/Share/200%Res

[EU]noT-Rust 12.06 Grp/Rem/Eco/Slp/Share/200%Res

Fresh server wiped at 12.06!

Admin team will be covering about 20 hours a day with ingame play, to could prevent eventually hackers or bug/exploit users!
(If you get caugt cheating, then we will ban you and we will NEVER let you back in)


Server Options are :

Sleepers = On
Pvp = On
Day&Night = Normal Time
Airdrop = On (10+)
Craft Time = 20%
Dura = No Dura

Ad-Ons installed :

Groups - Lets you make group’s so you wont hurt friends.
Share - Share the doors with ure team, much better and faster acces to the base.
Economics - Buy things from ingame shop, with /price to check out the stuff you can buy!
200% Res - Resources has 200% loot instead of 100%, that means faster farming!
Remover - Remover Tool to could remove misplaced “parts” or if you are moving the base.

Join up today, and have fun in our rust cummunity!

Up -

There been some player in, and there should come more today.

Join up before we get over runned :stuck_out_tongue:

Not so much activity atm it seems :frowning:

Join up if you feel for it :wink:

Server is great, i enjoy it there. admin is friendly and active. lots of people was on the first day, less the 2nd, but i hope more will join later today… later’s peeps.

Some minor changes made in the eco system

yay a nice little update there :slight_smile: more ppl here to have been coming by too :smiley:

Seen a bit more logins, 2 teams joined - Would be lovely with some more action :slight_smile: