[EU] Official Oxide Server | Door Sharing | Rare military weapons

[EU] Official Oxide Server | Door Sharing | Rare military weapons

Presenting, the official Oxide server! Wait, you don’t know what Oxide is? Head over here to check it out! It’s pretty nifty.


  • Door sharing… share your doors with your friends while keeping them safe from enemies!
  • Restricted crafting… all military weapons (including explosive charges) are uncraftable and can’t be researched, so you better learn to use that bow!
  • Rare drops… the only way to get high-grade weapons is from airdrops, so prepare to fight fiercely for weapons which you can’t get anywhere else!
  • Oxmin admin mod… admins that don’t cheat and spawn things in, because they can’t!

Slots: 75 + 5 reserved
Airdrops: On (25 players min)
Sleepers: On
Crafting Speed: 100%
Time Scale: Standard


net.connect join.rustoxide.com:28000

How do people raid eachother when C4 is so rare?

C4 can be acquired from air-drops. There’s a 1/6 chance of a drop crate having C4, and if it does, it will have quite a bit. If we feel raiding isn’t happening enough, we’ll increase the airdrop and spawn rate.

Server looks sweet so far.

Step 1 - Server released
Step 2 - API released :-p

We’re that much closer! Good to see man! Keep it up!

Changed airdrop minimum players to 25, tweaked loot tables as well to give less ammo in drops and class bolt action rifle as a military weapon.

most awesome server ever, highly recommended!

The game is so much more fun without everyone running around with 9mm, MP5s and M4s. I hope a lot more servers follow this trend.

Battles last longer, even if someone uses a aimbot it doesn’t help much unless they found a rare bolt action rifle. Group doors enable interesting options for buildings with friends versus having tons of exterior doors. No admins abusing spawning items or airdrops.

Pipe shotgun, hand cannon, and bow battles are really fun.

API is great, Plugins are good and thomasfn is awesome.

My favorite server so far along with a group of people that tried it tonight and most people who joined in that I saw.

Looks quite nice, but you have the spawnrates in crates a bit off.

I honestly think 50 shotgunshells in small crate is a little much.

Server is pretty good. Some nice and not so nice people. Definitely interested in seeing what thomas has in store for Rust modding.

Is it me or isn’t the server showing up on the server list?

Updated the server, bolt action rifle is now classed as a military weapon (and is only dropped from airdrops). I also nerfed the damage of it a bit.

I also increased the drop rate of research kits from zombies.

Finally, check out the server thread on the official Oxide forums here!

disappointed with that tbh…its a rust weapon

and cant connect or find the server…

Can cracked clients try this server also?

(User was permabanned for this post ("warez" - postal))


Quick question does big storage crate, pickaxe and research kit was removed from loot tables? All i can find are leather sacks and paper. After farming zombies for 2h and occasionally picking crates from rad city…

All those items are included in the loot tables, but I’ve noticed they aren’t dropping as well. I think there may be a bug - I’m looking into it.

Sounds amazing.

IT IS ! As soon as thay fix loot tables it will be even more :smiley:

Server restarting right now, fixed loot tables (some items were being loaded incorrectly from the tables) and buffed Bolt Action Rifle (max damage it can deal is now 65 like in vanilla Rust, but the minimum damage is quite low - this should make BAR damage quite random)