Hello my fellow survivors, I’d like to inform you about our new Rust server!

  • Active Admins, here to help for your everyday needs.

  • Massive Airdrop Events! From time to time we’ll decide to start a MASSIVE airdrop event when the server reaches a certain amount of players.

  • We have support for plugins such as Remover, /sethome, Door Share, FPS (makes your gaming experience smooth without lag of some sort), TPA (Teleport), No Sleepers after the first two hours of logging off so there won’t be any case of combat logging.

The Server also has an Auto-Save Feature so everything you do is being saved, so you don’t have to worry about everything being wiped.

  • If you live in the UK, Germany, or any other place in europe you’ll enjoy a great fast and smooth connection, Survivors from outside of Europe will also enjoy a fast and smooth connection, although it’s possible they might experience stuttering once in a while.

Currently the server Player Capacity is 50, but as it gets more popular we will expand our Player count.

Invite your friends, family, or even the people you deeply hate.

Server IP:

(connect to the server by pressing F1 on your keyboard and typing in the command
“net.connect” and the server ip afterwards)



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