[EU] Oxide | Door Shared | C4 Uncraftable | Wiped 07/01


NEW Rust Server - [EU]Oxide | Door Sharing | C4 Uncraftable |Wiped 07/01

Server Details

Servername: [EU] Oxide | Door Sharing | C4 Uncraftable | Wiped 07/01
Direct Connect: net.connect (Via Console press F1)
Location: Germany
Slots: 100
Sleeper ON
PvP On
C4 Uncraftable - Small chance to get C4 from Zombies/Ammobox/Airdrops
Door Sharing - Use /share NAME to allow you friends to use your Doors. Use /unshare Name to revoke rights.
Active Admin - No Abuse and Friendly
Noob friendly
Only English or German talking in Chat
Respect other Players and Admins.
Server will only be wiped, unless its necessary for an important update.

Have fun joining!


We need more players ;).

Update: Increased slightly the chance to find c4 from Zombies.


Updated Oxide to the newest Version (fixed door sharing and Loot table)
Increased slightly again the chance to find c4 from Zombies.
Now we have a Noob Town.

New Players are Welcome :).

Nice Community on the server, I hope it gets bigger :wink:

Do you have no home? No friends? No place to go?

Are you cold? Sad? Frightened?

sigurdinn and Ryszard Andrzejewski proudly present to you:


This is the place where you can:

  • safely wait through the night
  • cook your food and warm your naked body at the campfire
  • craft your things at the workbench
  • if you bring your wood, you can even smelt your stuff at the furnace
  • meet your neighbours and make new friends

Our place looks like this

Just follow few simple rules:

1. Do not enter if you’re carrying any weapons in hands (rock, hatchet, bow, firearms etc). Keeping them in inventory is ok.
We are most of the time unarmed and we stay that way, therefore we won’t accept any regular fights.
2. Do not steal other people stuff from campfire or furnace
3. Don’t scream, be nice to others
4. Be a gentleman, not a redneck

We are nobody’s enemy, we are not interested in fighting for resources, we just want to create a peaceful community which helps each other surviving in this unfriendly island.


And remember - Wooden doors are always open on 1st floor; if you are completely naked and have no food, you can grab some stuff from the crate (don’t be greedy though). See you in game!

Join our Steam Community Site to get the latest information about the server and events:


New Commands:
/list (Show all connected players)
/history (Show chat history)

For all commands type /help in Chat.