[EU] Oxide|Doorshare|Market|Insta|Sleepers|NoDura|new server|active admins!

Hello community,

There is a new server on rust opened up today. We got the oxide mode with plugins from Doorshare, Market, arrow recovery, Pawnshop and some others. The server is instacraft, Sleepers is on, and no durability.
We got active admins on the server and are looking for players to help build up the server so we can have some fun!
The ip adress is:

You can connect by either searching our name in the server browser: Multiplay :: [EU] Oxide|NoDura|Doorsharing|Insta|sleepers|NoHacks
or by pressing F1 (console) and typing in: Net.connect

Thanks in advance, hope to see you on the server!
Mineraalwater & Phact