[EU] Palace of Pleasure - Wiped 03-01-2014

Hello Rust Community,

As of today, we as a community are happy to present to you our privately funded gameserver Palace of Pleasure with an uptime of above one Year.
The Server has been a true rallying poin in the recent past, featuring a playerbase of 50-110 players steady.
Unfortunately, in the even more recent past, the DDoS attacks done by some immature pricks caused a devastating player drop.

Having said that, our server is resilient again and upgraded to Rust Experimental!
Which is why it’s time to take an aggrandizement of our very own community into account -> This is ment to go out to all the old Players, who supported our project lately, as well new players to start on this, on our precious, server. To ensure an equitable gaming experience, the server got installed on 18.01.2015, assuring everbody has an equal start (!)

I enjoyed RUST as one of the most intense gaming experiences I ever met. However, the big issue resolving around ADMIN ABUSE was one major grudge to me and my fellas, which is why our mission statement concerning this experience is to let the world untouched by any external sources, meaning that, alas, your actions as a player, and those actions only (!), will affect this server’s process and your very own experience, and that is not going to be an epiphany! :wink:

En passant, this is also the reason why there won’t be any events happening soon. We as an entity would need to abuse our admin rights to begin and to resolve those events, while we cannot be anything beneath sure that those extra curricular things don’t reach in to the wrong hands.

If you reveal any kind of Hackers* or Griefers*, you as a player can simply contact the Admin via** Steam**, on our Homepage or on Facebook.

  • If you’re not sure what those designations mean, feel free to contact the Admin or one of his trustful executives.


Palace of Pleasure Server Information:
Name: [EU] Palace of Pleasure #1
IP: [200 Slots](client.connect

Oxide Plugins:
Automessage 1.0
Welcome Gifts


Name: [EU] Palace of Pleasure #2
IP: [160 Slots] (client.connect

***No Plugins installed // Vanilla


Server Rules:

More Information:

We want to Support Garry’s Game by setting up a great Server Community.

Join us and have fun!

Best regards,
The Palace of Pleasure!

Troll Raid on Palace of Pleasure:

[UPDATED] 03-01-2014 - added some information.
[UPDATED] 04-01-2014 - added video (raid)
[UPDATED] 10-01-2014 - refreshed server information (door sharing)
[UPDATED] 13-01-2014 - added plugins to the server | wiped
[UPDATED] 17-01-2014 - added plugins to the server (Ticket 0.1 and PM)
[UPDATED] 19-01-2014 - added server homepage. server is offline for some changes
[UPDATED] 22-01-2014 - added the 2nd server - whitelist coming soon!
[UPDATED] 25-05-2014 - plugins updated
[UPDATED] 27-06-2014 - 3rd server added
[UPDATED] 17-07-2014 - 3rd server removed
[UPDATED] 05-08-2014 - teamspeak removed
[UPDATED] 01-11-2014 - servers going offline
[UPDATED] 18-01-2015 - both servers updated to experimental! the new beginning

We already hit the 40 Player mark.




Where did the server go?


Looking for more players? Why don’t you get ahead now on our brand new server list for Rust! The only dedicated rust server list yet!!


Server maintenance between 22:00 - 23:00 CET.

[editline]13th January 2014[/editline]

Server ist offline - rolling up the Backup!

Server is back online - we are sorry about the wipe!

Is there a problem with the server? Cannot connect

edit: nvm, it’s back on now



Couple of server issues, can we get an update if possible?

Palace of Pleasure - RUST
16 hours ago
The Server will go online tomorrow at 6pm!

Incase people haven’t looked at their facebook.

So that’s today at 6pm.





I thought this bumping server advertising wasn’t allowed?