[EU] Pancakes - PVP|.5 Craft|Airdrop|Sleep|NoGrief|Wiped 25/01

We are 6 people that has decided to go together to pay for a 250 slots RUST server!
We ordered from playrust.eu, which is a very good server provider as most of you already know.

There is almost always atleast one admin online, so cheaters don’t get the time to establish!
Only reason for a wipe is whenever there’s an update that requires it or we reach max constructions on the map.
Last time we wiped was 25.01.2014

We’re organizing weekly events, such as a huge PvP arena, stone cage, shotgun arena etc.

The server includes:

Oxide MOD
50% Craft
Active admins
An in-game admin help system
Airdrops (30 players)

Pancakes - PVP|.5 Craft|Airdrop|Sleep|NoGrief|Wiped 25/01


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Still alot of free spots!

Great server with helpful and positive admins! Growing population and fun events every now and then.

Any nightgamers online? (: