EU Pancakes | PvP | 50% Craft | Airdrops | Sleeper | No Grief | Wiped 25/01 | Active Admins | Oxide

The server was launched on the 25th of January and is a server hosted by 4 Norwegian admins. There is a growing, friendly community that encourages PvP and fun events.

50% Crafting
Airdrops at 30+
Sleeper on
No Grief (admins will remove griefed structures such as ceilings placed in stairways, etc)
Fun events hosted by the admins. They are working on ideas for “Hunger Games” type of events. Building arenas out in the middle of nowhere and encouraging events perhaps once a week. These events will be rewarded with a tiny bit of loot, but no explosives/C4.
Oxide mod is running. Doorsharing, Admin Remover Tool for griefing.
No economy currently.


We welcome all players and groups!