[EU] Pangaea - Vanilla, Active Admin, Towns, Sleepers, PvP


Heyo. We started up not long ago, me, some Bulgarian guy and his little son. I got a bit protective over them so I made us a town.

Now we just need allies and enemies. Come, find us, join us or fight us.

We’re happy to trade.

Rival settlements would be hella cool.

Get in now and get a head start!

Just copy and paste “net.connect” into your F1 console.

Things are going well! We built a skyscraper sniper tower for our town and might start renting out rooms for wood and stone.

Just an update for you guys. We now average from 5+ players in the day to 19+ players at peak time.

Good time to get in, eh?

Here’s a little thingy that will keep you updated on how many people are on.


See you inside!

This server has blown up a bit! In players, not in explosives.

Not yet, at least.

We now have an admin for EU times and an admin for the US timezone, so you’ll be covered pretty much constantly. We’ll be adding more admins to the team soon.

Here’s the good news, we are having a bit of a promotion.

Bring one friend, and you will get a one time teleport to each other after your initial spawn. Just ask an admin.

Bring two friends or more, and you will all get a one time teleport to each other after your initial spawn, a sleeping bag each, and a wooden shelter. Again, just ask an admin.

PvPers and PvP clans very welcome!