[EU] Playrust.lt / PVE / Rust ++ / Friendly

www.playrust.lt is almost the first Rust server in Lithuania in which players from all around the globe are welcome.

Alternatively you can use the console (F1) to join using the command :

This server is PVE type, that means that you cannot kill other players without a reason and here are some rules which you must obey at all times while playing. Currently, we only have four active admins who always do their best to help the community when someone has any concerns or any questions. Also, in this server admin is equal to a regular player, that means that admin has to farm too to achieve anything. Admin commands are only to make sure that everyone obeys the rules, they cannot be used for anything else.

Our server’s trailer :

Our website : www.playrust.lt

Facebook fan page : https://www.facebook.com/playrustlt

Friendly / Rules.