[EU] || PVP || No Sleeper || InstaCraft || Active Admins || Free 5000 wood to get you started.

Hey Guys, just to let you know, we have brought a server for all you Rust players and ourselves to enjoy. We’d love it if you could join us in our 50 slot server.

We have 4 active admins who are more than happy to assist you in anything you want some help with and more often than not one of us will be on the server at the time you are! If not, we will not far behind!

The Server IP is

Instructions on how to enter:
1.Open Rust
2.Click F1 to open the console
3.type in net.connect
4.You’re in the server!!

Just some notes about the server:

  • Door sharing - Share the doors with your friends!

  • Instacraft - Allows you to craft right away without waiting!

  • PVP - What rust is all about surely?

  • Active, friendly & experienced administrators. They are also not allowed to abuse any power(He/she will then loose the admin permission right away).

  • Unaffected by the DDOS attacks that have been going on.

Hopefully we will see you guys around, help us build a community on here! Unlike some servers, we do not ask for any donations. Get on, and we’ll all have a good laugh getting some serious gaming done.