[EU] PVP/PVE | Kits | instaCraft | active Admins/no Cheaters | no Abuse | fresh/nolag | Essentials/Oxide/Rust++ | HarryCraft

Welcome to HarryCraft PVP/PVE Server

Billingual and friendly server for the most part, adult and mature admins and zero tolerance for cheating.
We try to provide the best possible support!

…tired of Hackers, Cheaters? they dont care! but we do!
…bothered about Glitchers, Griefers, abusive Admins using God mode? Not on our Server!

we mainly focused on PVE but since this wont stop Trolls, Griefers or Glitchers we decided to give you the chance to attack, raid or just be able to defend yourself!
our friendly Admins/Mods first talk, then warn, we kick and if all of that doesnt help the ban comes in place!

…everybody is welcome, we hope you enjoy your stay, ask if you need help and just have fun!

…you are new to the game? join our awesome community, every “noob” is welcome.


-Fresh Server
-No Wipes in the next months
-Noob Friendly
-No Lag
-Instant Crafting
-No Sleepers
-PM System
-Active & helpful Admins (3 Admins / 2 Mods)
–no Abuse (/give deactivated)
–no Trolling (it can be fun to a certain point ;))
–no Griefing
–no Cheating (insta ban)
-Airdrop Events
-PVP Events
-Different Kits Available
-Essentials/Rust++ Addon(s) active

Available Kits:

Starter Kit


3 Admins
2 Mods


  1. Hacking, duping or glitching will result in a warning / kick and in cases an instant ban.
  2. No spamming, advertising or flooding chat.

How to connect:

Server Name: HarryCraft-PVE/PVP…
Server IP:

**Quick connect: **

hit F1 ingame and type: net.connect

Server Settings:

Slots: 50
Uptime - 24/7
Airdrops: On
PvP: On
Sleepers: Off
Crafting Speed: 100%
Time Scale: Standard
Location - US Arizona (Ping in the EU less than 40)


Owner: HarryCraft (Steamprofile click)
Admin/Mod: cocos d0h (Steamprofile click)
Admin/Mod: bruceman112 (Steamprofile click)
Admin/Mod: Obsidian Prime (Steamprofile click)

added information
hope you will enjoy your stay

…have fun!

What kits do you have and what do they provide and is anything unable to craft?

prices and kits may vary, current state:

-Light Kit - M4, 50 556 Ammo, Kevlar Armor - $5
-Medium Kit - M4 + P250, 150 556 + 9mm Ammo, Kevlar Armor, 50 Wood Plank+LQM - $10
-Heavy Kit - Bolt Action Rifle, M4, P250, 300 556 Ammo, 250 9mm Ammo, Kevlar Armor, 100 Wood Planks+LQM (Rad Suit?)- $15

add me on Steam (click me)

Once you buy the kits can you still use them forever or is it a one time use?

pvp event soon


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cant resist, need to push


up to the sky

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PvP Event starts tomorrow!

push to the stars


enjoy :wink:


updated, fresh wipe, mods are running, active admins, no cheaters/hackers

join and have fun!

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