[EU] PVP|Sleeper|Oxide|FastCraft|Active Admins - no abuse| WIPE 31.1. 19:00 CET rustyfied.eu

WWW.RUSTYFIED.EU - now with Oxide Door Share

We are a bunch of admins from Germany, UK and Austria that launched this rust server and community at www.rustyfied.eu a week ago. After some heavy testing, setup and a week of trial we are happy to announce the fresh server start

31. Jan 2014 at 19:00 CET

Server settings (www.rustyfied.eu/serverinfo/) :

[EU] PVP|Sleeper|Oxide|FastCraft|Active Admins - no abuse| WIPE 31.1. 19:00 CET rustyfied.eu

PVP: on
Sleeper: on
Airdrop: at 20 Players online
Crafttime: 3x fast than normal craft time (30%)
Craft Restrictions: Everything is craftable
Day / Night - Cycle: Day lasts ~45 minutes, Night lasts ~15 minutes
Modified Loot Tables: Zombies can drop Explosives very very rare
Explosive Charges(C4) dont drop from Airdrops but can be crafted normally
Server Location: Germany
Server IP:
Server wipes: are pre-announced on our webpage! so no nasty surprises

just type in the following in your console (press F1 ingame):

Your rustyfied.eu admin team

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two" - postal))

when is the wipe, in how many Hour from now?

well, 17 hrs from now! ( time of this posting)

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and we have got a starter kit: /kit starter > Gives you a starter kit that contains 500 wood, a sleeping bag and a stone hatchet

less then 5 hrs left !

Push !!

Server is ON NOW

Just wiped! join now!

Server is online guys! Great server, nice guys.
Admin is very friendly and active!!
I prefer to play on this!!


Very nice server, friendly people and very helpfull admins

Top server!

Join now guys!! As more ppl as more fun we can make :D!

Bumpy bump

Very nice server!

we will start events once hitting 50 ppl

Friendly bump!

Push and come in very nice server settings new Server

Supar server, to great for words

Join now!

Super active admins and good community!

thanks Baggerspel!:downs:

World event at 50 players today!!

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all serversettings, mods, commands and airdrop and loot settings on www.rustyfied.eu

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After some player feedback we added Oxide door share now to the server!


10 more players for fun event! 1 Airdrop every 5min for 50 min!!! gogo join now

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2 players left, gogogogo!

gogo need more Players for the event pls join us very nice settings