I’ve made this server because of something I value in these kind of games, freedom. I will give each and everyone of you their way to play the game, so do what you want as long as it’s not hacking, cheating or exploiting.
If you want to RP go ahead, if you want to be a douchebag and kill everyone, go ahead.
I won’t stop you, but maybe others will!

Severs Started (Wiped) 11/1/14


  • PVP | ON
  • Sleepers | ON
  • Wipes | Only if Forced to
  • Air drops | ON (Minimum 50 players on the server)
  • 100 Slots | Will be upgraded if needed


  • No cheating or exploiting.
  • Global chat is limited to English language, but we all know sometimes raging in your own language makes you feel good!

Mumble Details:

  • IP |
  • Port | 6037
  • Slots | 100

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I’m on this server now… Looks like a no-bullshit admin and great ping! Enjoying it :smiley:


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10 People! first 2 hours!


If you dont have any explosives of course…

The airdrop minimum is 40, so maybe your house isn’t that safe!

great server, nice admin, no bs, recommended

Okay let the fights begin!

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We are up on rust servers as well now

People join, lets get this servers population up and make this a great server

Great server!

Very good server, let’s get it populated! :dance:

Hi, i play verry regulary on this server. It’s a verry good server!

Only question i have is if its possible to lower the airdrop minimum players to 10?
Because in all the hours i played on there i never ever saw or heard an airdrop.