[EU] PVP/Sleepers/No Abuse/-25% Craft Time

We are a group of players that enjoy playing with friends and have some fun, we got tired of admin abuses so we managed to get our own server, Admin Abuse will not be tolerable, if u saw or know any admin that is abusing u should Contact any of us to investigate and do something about that.


  • No racism, flaming, insulting, cheating, exploiting or griefing;
  • Don’t beg Admins for items/teleports/ other things that can ruin the gameplay;
  • 3rd programs aren’t allowed;


  • PVP | ON
  • Sleepers | ON
  • Admin | Active - No abuse
  • Air drops | ON (Minimum 20 players on the server)
  • Community | Friendly and helpful
  • 50 Slots | Will eventually be upgraded if needed
  • -25% Craft Time
  • The other options will be current Default, w/o any mod or plugin.

How to join:
Press F1 ingame and type: net.connect

Hope to see you guys in game.