[EU] PvP, Sleepers, Rare Weapons, Uncraftable Explosives, 1/2 Craft, Brand New Map!

We have just added Oxide mod to our server, and at the same time wiped the map for a fresh start. We’re looking for all players; beginners to pros to populate the island!

Message any of the admins in-game if you have any issues/questions, we’re more than willing to help people when appropriate.

We already have some lone players logging in and beginning to build, we’re aiming for a mid-sized community to be more accessible to the majority of players.

Feature/Mod List:

  • PvP
  • Sleeping enabled
  • Oxide
  • Time-limited starter kits. “/kit starter” for a hatchet and sleeping bag
  • Door Sharing - use “/share <name>”
  • .5 crafting multiplier
  • Groups “/gcreate <name>”, “/ginvite <name>”, “/g <message>” to send a message only to your group!
  • C4 drops but can not be crafted.
  • Rare military weapons. M4, Shotgun, MP5 are harder to find, pistols are unchanged
  • Air drops occur daily if more than 5 players are online - This may be increased

We have 4 admins playing regularly each day and 2 more that will be available throughout the week as they have time. Nothing is ever being spawned in for admins or players.

Hit F1 once you start the game and use “net.connect” to join! The server will show under the “History” tab of the server browser after you connect once this way.

Hopefully we see some of you on the server soon! We’re taking all the feedback we can about our server config/mod selection, feel free to reply here or let us know in-game what you think.

Edit: This weekend, 18/1, will be our first community event on the server. All we’re saying right now is that it will be a 1v1 and Group vs. Group deathmatch - revealing any more would ruin the fun!

Very active and friendly admins, just need some regular faces to join the madness. The server is pretty quiet right now, so the pickings are rich. Come, come!

We’ve grown to have over 15 people playing on the server now, things are starting to get interesting! We have 2 events planned for this weekend, maybe a third if we can build it in time (it’s bloody enormous).

We’ve now got players from 4 continents on the server!

bumping for a new day of building and killing each other!

Server’s becoming more populated! Now’s the ideal time to join.

Our GSP updated Oxide and some nifty tools yesterday - server’s running better than ever!


We’ve changed C4 to drop from crates as well as air drops now, it remains uncraftable however!


How populated is the server (building wise) if you don’t mind me asking.

We’ve had around 20 bases start construction. There are only 3 large ones at the moment, though.

Is the server down or something? It says “Connection Failed” When i try to join the server.

And down again. C’mon my penis is starting to freeze!

Yeah it went down for the most recent Rust update, then again for the Oxide update.

Some nifty new mods coming to the server today, possibly an economy if we can think of an inventive use for one!

New plugins are added and working! Updating the OP with some server rule changes.