[EU] PVP/ Vanilla/ Sleepers/ Airdrops/ Start 17.3/ Friendly (FFA mostly)

Join us and let’s all enjoy Rust. The server only has a few simple rules:
1.Be friendly.
2.Be respectful towards your fellow players (this does not include taunting or trashtalking just uncalled-for swearing and rage towards others).
3.Be active on our teamspeak server. By talking with the other players there we hope to offer a better experience in Rust, you don’t have to team up with everyone you have a conversation with there, but you can at least talk with people if you feel the need to.
4.It was decided that the server will be Free-For-All(FFA) until we get alot of people, in which case we will then decide if we want to start teaming up or continue with the FFA mode.
5.Enjoy the game and if you ever need anything just ask around, a few of the players are my friends and they will make sure to notify me about any problems.

If you encounter any kind of exploit or hack you can notify the admin and make sure you have proof by taking a screenshot or recording the incident.

Instructions on how to join:
1.Join the server by pressing F1 and typing: net.connect
2.Make sure you want to join our community and ask for the TeamSpeak Server IP to join and talk with the rest of the server.

This is a noob-friendly server, don’t forget that.
Good luck to everyone who joins us.