[EU/RU] New Vanilla Server for Real hardcore Players

We would like to invite you to our new Vanilla server created and tunned for Hardcore and Real Survival Feeling
All info www.cssrclan.eu/Rust

Server Wiped 15.3.2014



RUST server: [EU] Vanilla / PVP / Offiacial / Wiped 15.3.2014

To join, open your console in the rust menu by pressing ‘F1’ and typing or pasting in: net.connect

Server Information:
-Wiped 3/15/14

  • Cheatpunch Protection
    -About 10- 15 active players right now…

Server Features:
-C4 is craftable but very rear

  • Durability on
    -Crafting Time default
    Wiped 3/15
    -Custom Loot Tables (Find Explosive charges and Supply Drops in animals and boxes)
    Plus More
    All Welcome

Server Rules:
-No hacking/cheating or using exploits of any kind. You will be caught
-No Griefing
-No Spamming Chat
-No Screaming in voice chat (Lags Server)