[Eu] Rust Factory |Active Admins|1/2 Craft|Sleepers|Limited C4|

[EU] Rust Factory

  • Sleepers On.
  • Air Drop min. 10 players.
  • Active Admins ( No admin abuse )
  • Low Durability Lose
  • Limited C4 crafting. ( People can craft C4 but not the Explosives that are required to make C4 )
  • Locked Backpack for 2 minutes.


  • Basc Economy (/money : shows your current balance
    /money info : shows info about the economy
    /money “name” send amount : sends amount to name
    /money top : shows the players with the highest balance (can be disabled in the .lua file)
    /price “item” : list all prices or displays the price of a specific item (item optional)
    /buy “item” amount : buy and item (optional amount to buy more than 1 item)
    /sell “item” amount to sell an item (amount optional) for money (default 10% of buy price, configurable in the .lua file)
    Only items that can be bought from the shop can be sold to the shop.)
  • Doorshare, ( /share “Playername” )
  • playerlist, ( /list )
  • Remove Tool, ( /remove ) to Activate and De-Activate.
  • DeathHandler
  • Chathistory, ( /history )
  • Craftingcontroller ( Explosives Blocked )
  • Advancedkit
  • Stats ( /shelp /stats /ranking )
  • Recycle ( /recycle “Item” Amount ) Only get back 50% of basic materials.
  • Location (/location tells users their coords and gives them a url to plot them on the map)
  • Time (Type /time to get the current time in game.
    “Time is: HH:MM”
    /time 12 will display 12H time.
    /time 24 will display 24H time.
    /time will display time format based on last ran command or 24H default.
    /timeplayed will display the amount of time the player has played on your server. (Time is" HH:MM:SS)
  • Multiple Home (/Sethome 1-3, /Home 1-3)
    -Private Messaging (This plugin allows you to send messages to others without using the global chat.
    type “/pm name msg” to send a private message to a certain person.
    type "/re to reply to the last private messaging

Vote on this Server and get a reward ingame
( You can receive your goods in game by running /voted after you’re done voting! )

No wipes unless absolutely necessary.
Last wiped: 16-03-2014

Website:Enjin: Website does not exist

How to Connect

  1. Press F1
  2. Copy/paste: net.connect
  3. Enjoy!!