[EU]Rust for Ever [Fresh & Clean,NOOB Freindly,Airdrops,no Admin Abuse/Crafting25%/PVP/Sleeper]

hey Facepunch forums,

today I introduce our own Rust Server.

We have a 50 Slot Server, that is running at 25% Crafting Time, PVP and Sleeper.

We have a lot of Addons installet, for example: Oxide, Doorsharing, OwnRem (You can remove your own placed buildings, with you pickaxe), Rankings (Kills, Deaths and Suicides)

We have nice Admins and a nice community too, we are very beginner friendly, we want to give you the time, that you need, to build your own base, we wont prevent you from building, you can do everything, as long as you don’t have enemies :wink:

We would like you to see you on our server :slight_smile:

So have a nice day, and maybe have fun on our Server

Here is our IP: net.connect

(Information: We are mostly german players, but we can speak and write english and don’t have problems with that, we are cool with that :wink: )

very nice server

come on guys 20 Players waiting :slight_smile: