[EU] Rust Haribo Sleepers|1/2craft|kits 24/7

[EU] Rust Haribo Sleepers|1/2craft|kits 24/7

We are a brand new community starting in the rust world so help us make your experience the best it can be!

Make us your home server!
We have a team of guys constantly monitoring the server 24/7 looking for bugs and issues!

List of commands:
/admin help

*50 Player Slots
*PVP enabled so watch your back
*Sleepers enabled! better make a home
*airdrops at 10 and some random ones!
*Starter kit’s to help you get started
*Door Share for the larger bases!
*Teleport requests for when you just cant find your friends.
*No decay
*No wipe
To join directly net.connect