nice server!


Little reset after bug. Now everything works fine! Just come in and play :wink:

why with sleeper on?
with so much c4 griefing sleeper option switched “on” sux alot

and it doesnt work now

Thank you for post. I will turn it off :wink: Hope you will check this server! :smiley:

i mean server doesnt work, auth failure like on other servers

sleeper mode work, if its ‘on’ you will be ganked when offline

It’s switched off :wink: Server works now :smiley:

OK :smiley: that’s awesome!

From now we have 200 slots :wink:

very good server. 0 lags

We are recruting admins :wink:

Do I have to meet any requirements?

Its working after mega update! :wink: Join and have fun!

Name has been changed?