**CheatPunch: **SECURE
**Rust.PT Custom Anticheat: **SECURE

Q: What is Rust.PT Custom Anticheat?
**A: **Rust.PT Custom Anticheat is an anticheat made by the server owner that adds real time cheat detection and protection. It works based on the range of the shots and movement speed. It currently detects Flyhack, Speedhack, Superjump and Aimbot (as long as they kept killing everyone out of the weapon’s range, which will also deny the damage in real time, in case it’s inside the range we have logs of everything and headshot statistic in percentage).

Slots: 100
Crafting Speed: INSTACRAFT
Decay: Default
Length of the Day/Night: Day Only

This server runs OXIDE 17.2.

Current Mods:
Rust.PT Custom Anticheat (explained above);
Airdrop Frequency Controller (to fix one airdrop bug, it’s working as if it is vanilla);
Death Handler (Performance Optimized, shows messages in chat, and logs everything to a MySQL database - will be shown at our website soon);
Groups (Group Team-Killing fixed);
Remover (Works with melee weapons to prevent abusing in raids, works with all melee weapons and you can remove everything except foundations to prevent Storage Exploit);
OxUtils (Custom Fork of Oxmin, made by us, with only what we need, should improve our performance by a lot and keep the basic functions for our users);
Ping (/ping to know the ping to our server);
SimpleCommands (Custom Plugin, made by us, automatically hides branching, simple commands to boost your fps, hide grass or toggle nudity);
AutoMessage (to show our news automatically);
Kits (M4);
DayTime Only.


probaly should add net.connect
And its pretty fucking stupid with a pvp server where you die alot that you cant tp on. i keep dying and cant find my friends

Just use /TPA name. you can connect to pvp.rust.pt:28095 as well.