[EU] Rust Survivor | Fairplay - Join the community

Rust Survivors!

We’d like to welcome all bandits! one bandit, a group, a lonewolf, a new bandit or veteran.
Fairplay, this really doesn’t mean anything. The admins won’t do anything against other players, so it’s all up to you and your bandit skills.
There simply are no rules. Can you survive in this hardcore world?

Look at the website on www.rustsurvivor.net
Or come play and try to stay alive, press F1 in game and enter:
net.connect play.rustsurvivor.net:28055

Name: [EU] Rust Survivor | Fairplay
Location: Netherlands, Hosted by HFB
Capacity: 150 players
IP: net.connect play.rustsurvivor.net:28055

Server Rules

  1. Have fun killing!

Sleeper: ON
Airdrop: Plenty to go by!

Bumps up :quagmire:

[editline]29th January 2014[/editline]

Don’t forget, events planned for tonight!

Join up, always fun !

Airdrops have been lowered to 30 :wink:


Server just updated and wiped, join up!

Soon new events on the server!

Updated server rules! Hardcore mode is on now :wink: