[EU] Rust Survivor | Fairplay

We’d like to welcome all kinds of players. Whether you’re friendly, a bandit, a group, a lonewolf, a new player or veteran.

To contact us and get more info, check out our website at:
Or come play with us and ask the players, press F1 in game and enter:
net.connect play.rustsurvivor.net:28055

[WIPE 25 FEB - together with “sky patch”]

Our server is Fairplay, this simply sums up the rules we established for the server. The admins won’t abuse their powers for dominance. Players aren’t allowed to start an insulting war on chat. Cheaters will be dealt with quickly. Everyone plays by the same rules.

Name: [EU] Rust Survivor | Fairplay
Location: Netherlands
Capacity: 150 players
Language: English Only
IP: net.connect

Server Rules

  1. No admin abuse
  2. No hacking or exploiting (this will result in a permanent ban)
  3. No excessive swearing, spamming or racism (voice or chat)
  4. No griefing
  5. No non-Latin characters in name
  6. Only English allowed in chat
  7. No recently VAC banned players

Whilst killing new spawns (bambi’s) is frowned upon, it is not illegal.

Sleeper: ON
Cheatpunch: ON
Airdrop: Varies between 15-30
Crafting: 75% (3/4)
Admins: Active and watching you :wink:
Mods active: None


Very nice server, come and give it a try! If you enjoy it, join the forum at http://forum.rustsurvivor.net/



Played on this server for atleast a month now; the most active admins I’ve seen over many servers and a great community. The website and forum are very helpful too


Bomp, come and join!

Server was wiped today, 2 hours ago! No airdrop for atleast 12 hours ahead so people can rebuild in peace.