[EU] Rust Survivors | Fairplay - Join the SafeZone or be an Outlaw

New tread opened, this one is no longer valid!

Nice server!

Come join the Darkside

Glad we’re getting more people on here already!

Bump, need more people :wink:

We have more and more active people everyday, 18 members in Steam Group in 2 days. C4 access is very restricted with no C4 bandits yet. But airdrop will most likely fall tomorrow due to more players activating auto aidrop.

Two towns have now settled. The resistance towards the previous town called “Mountainview” is an fact. There have been small skirmishes with some causalties but war has been prevented.

Tomorrow Wednsday is when it all will go down. The first airdop will most likely fall around evening (18:00-21:00 (GMT+1) War is coming, are you?

Can’t argue with that, read the title :P. Who wishes to join the fight?

Bumps up, airdrop incoming anytime!

Had a great gunfight with bandits trying to take over town last night ;). Who do you want to join?

Rules and settings have just been updated!

Das Bump! Because German ;).
Airdrop incoming!