[EU] Rust Wars - Return of the nakeds|Active Admins|Sleepers|NoDura|No Griefing|Friendly

Welcome to Rust Wars - Return of the nakeds!

We are a pvp orientated and friendly server that welcomes all new players.
We won’t tolerate griefing or hacking, all exploiting will lead to a permanent ban.

Airdrops start initially at 20 players and will be increased to 30 or higher,
depending on population.

To prevent ddos protection, the datacenter is located in France,
Server language is ENGLISH. We will remind once.


  1. No Hacking
  2. No Griefing
  3. No Exploiting
  4. No verbal abuse
  5. English in chat only
  6. No Caps locking, Spamming or Server advertisement



See you in game:)


PS: If we breach 15 players at 4pm, we will have an Arena-type Event. Winner receives a 1 by 1 for the fresh wipe!

Couldn’t be ran by a better admin, this server is amazing and needs more players!

Definately needs more players, is ran by nice and fair admins, mostly online during the day :slight_smile:
Just hoping for more players, to finally be able to have fun.