[EU]Rust4Life|14.04|L.E.S MOD|Fairplay!1/2Craft|NoDura|NoAbuse Give us a try :)

we have been admins for over 1600 hrs of rust and we run a really good fair server we have a lot of fun and deal with hackers very quick
give us a try you will not regret it =) server ip is we use the new LES leveling system to give them game abit more fun when killing animals and players none of the skills are overpower its just a nice change :slight_smile: come join us.

Great server. Admins are literally always on and take care of inactive bases, and hackers. They always reason and offer support and come to you when you need them and there are some awesome groups that can help you out to get started. Right now, my group is the strongest, so why dont you bring your group and try to topple us over.

Best server I’ve been on, and if you’re from the US, it still wont lag at all, no matter what the ping is.

+1 good server

Great server! Admins active, no cheaters and so on just fucking pro!


Great server, us admins go out of our way to make this a fun server after all the crappy servers we tried to play on and either was abused by admins and/or hackers. There are a good group of players and clans on the server. Some friendly, some evil… A bit of everything for everyone.

Once i tried Rust4Life , i just stayed there and still playing with em now.
Just from the start you can tell how the admins really care about the server. How they approach you with a problem etc. Cheaters are like insta banned its insane how good these guys do theyre job.

Its a very good populated server for anyone who wants to play on a good english (in chat) server.
I think the majority of the players are EU/USA.

The new level system they recently implanted really makes a good change to the game. Its something different to keep you busy from the usual surviving/gathering/killing

All in all, this is the best community & server!
Its never too late to join in .

Ps: Englands & LittleMiss, you rock at being admins


give us a try guys =)

Best server I have ever played! Admins are most of the time online, very helpful and nice. I highly recommend this server!

One of the Best servers you’ll play on. Admins are very friendly and Active most of the times. Keep up the good work.

Just the best server on this game . Admin fully present, nice ambiance, good teams, and cheater ban instant .


thanks for all the nice comments guys we work hard on the server Glad you all enjoy it!

good server :smiley:



Great server, friendly admins. Keep up the good work!

very good server with very good admins who do the job ! if you want cool experience of Rust, with nice clan fight and to see all cheater kicked, come with us :smiley:

very good admin , always here!! Go this server!!!

This is the best server I have ever been on! No hackers NO ADMIN ABUSE and a ever friendly community deff give this server a try!

englands is the best admin no hackers and no abuse