[EU] RUSTafari.eu | Airdrops 20+ | RareC4 | PvP | Remove | Sleeper | Wipe: 11.03.

New Rust Community server! Start: 11.03.
It’s an absolut new and clean Server. Perfect for beginners!
There will be no wipes, except a contentupdate is required.
If you have any further questions or complaints, you can create a thread in our forum (RUSTafari.eu) or contact us ingame/at Steam.
We will inform you about news, updates or servernews as well!

Server information
Forum: www.RUSTafari.eu

Active and friendly admins! (1 RCON-admin and 2 admins who can kick or ban. NO ADMINABUSE possible!!!)


  • Starter Kit | /starter (Stone Hatchet, Sleeping Bag, 3x Cooked Chicken Breast)
  • Remove Tool with recover function | /remove (activate/deactivated)
  • Doorsharing | /share “name” (share/unshare)
    For more commands, type /help on our server!

Airdrops 20+ - Increasing with popularity!
Edited Loottables/Crafttables (NO Explosives!)
C4 only in airdrops (100% chance) and chests (5% chance) available!
Cheatpunch and VAC active!

1 - No hacking and glitching!
2 - No griefing and trolling!
3 - No racism and insulting!

Have fun and good luck,
your RUSTafari.eu Team :smile: