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Hi Guys,

we launched a new server two days ago!

We’ve build a really large XL Inhouse-Arena which is totally balanced, fast and full of action. Hope you will like it :slight_smile:

You can connect with: F1 -> net.connect

Features are:

Remover - Use /remove to remove your buildings
Chathistory - Use /history to see the last 20 Entrys
DeathHander - See who killed who
List - For a player List
StickyNotes - Leave notes for friends or guys you’ve raided. Or just name your storage boxes w it?
WelcomeKit - A small WelcomeKit to make the start a bit easier. Only for the first time you join.

Arena - Largest Inhouse-Arena you’ve propably ever saw! Totally balanced and fast action. You get all the weapons you need to devastate! :wink:

Matches are possible from 1on1 up to 10on10, but you can only win rewards if your match is atleast an 4on4.

Please note: It’s just a small reward to hold the game in Balance, but the time you’ve invested is it worth (if you win ;)).

Hope to see you on :slight_smile:




bump :slight_smile:

Join our Rustafaris Steamgroup to catch dates for upcoming Arena events, e.g. the double Reward Sunday! :slight_smile: