[EU] Rustify - 16/3 | Oxide | Fairplay | PvP | No Wipe | Beginner friendly, Everyone is welcome!

Welcome to Rustify! (net.connect

A new EU server, has just been created, with active admins who will help you when needed.
We have gotten some nice feedback, about the server not being laggy. And we are currently working on progressing on the server, to make it a great experience for you.
We want to bring you to a nice community, with friendly, helpfull people.

Server Rules:

1)No Base Griefing
2)No Killing new fresh spawned players, if they are a threat to you, then you can take action into your own hands.
3)No Floating Bases, they will be removed.

For ever record we make, for example reaching 10,20,30,40 there will be an airdrop. When there are more than 40 on, airdrops will happen every 30 minutes.

Current Plugins:
Chat killing history
List Players
Door share
Chat History
Private message

Get a decent start!:
If you are new to the server, we will offer you.
150 wood
10 raw chicken breasts
1 sleeping bag

If you wish to handle things on your own, do not ask for anything.

Server Details:

Direct connect: net.connect

Press F1 in game then copy and paste in net.connect

Server Slots: [50] will be upgraded when a limited of player’s are active.
Server Name:[EU] Rustify | No Wipe | NO CHEAT | PVP
Server IP:
Server Port: 28715


Bump! :smiley:

Bump! :smiley:

We had our first airdrop today, and a great fight!. Join the great community!


We now have our own Mumble server, and the server is totally lagg free.

Ip :