We are 4 guys, who created our own server.
We are daily active and provides a lot of support and fair service.

We have published our new homepage:

You are welcome to enter the page and click around.

We hope to see more players on our servers.

See you on the server.

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we are already 5 players now and a new clan will join us soon! :slight_smile:

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• Airdrops are set to 15 players.
• Chat History
• Death Handler
• Decay
• Door Sharing
• Friends
• List players
• Oxide
• Oxmin
• PM Message
• Rick Ping
• Stats

Killed an Admin or raided their base? We don’t see any problems. You won’t be kicked or banned. We admins are not playing as admin, so if you kill us or raid us there won’t be anything wrong with that. We are only using admin tools if players cheat, or if players want building structures removed.
That’s it! Join the server and have a fairly and funny experience on our server!

Everyone is welcome and please feel free to check us out on our webpage ( http://karting23.wix.com/rustify ) everyone will be treated fairly.


We are now online! See you on the server :wink:

good hacker free server.
Still seeking new players