[EU] Rustik : PvP / Sleepers / Active Admin / WIPE [23/02]

Hi Rust Community ! I post today for share my server :slight_smile:

  • Connection to the server: net.connect

Slot : 100
PvP : Enabled
Sleepers : Enabled
AirDrop : Active from 12 players online , evolve with the server population
The settings are similar to an official server, we just use " comfort " plugins, no heavy modification

  • The server uses oxide and a number of plugins :

Sharing door /share name /unshare name
Chat history : /history
Number of players online : /who
Hours IG : /time
You can destroy your buildings : /remove

Administrators are players like the others, we are here to play and have fun with you. No admin abuse on our part, this is one of the reasons for the foundation of this server ! The other pillar is the community, too server in the list, eventually many players and no real community, you and us to create a solid :wink:

Admin are Active and Present ! Try :slight_smile: