{EU} RUSTINGTON | Door Sharing | PvP | Sleepers | Insta Craft |

Hey guys, this is Rustington.
As you can see above we are a door sharing, PvP, sleeper and instacraft server with the occasional mass drop. The server was started by a group of friends who wanted to go on a server knowing that any hackers or admin abuse would be stopped, so we started our own server with 250 slots.


  • Do Not cheat or hack in our server
  • Do Not spam in chat
  • Do Not use abusive/racist language in chat


  • Player vs Player
  • Sleepers on
  • Airdrops set to a minimum of 10 players
  • Instacraft
  • Door Sharing
  • Oxide
  • Admin plugins

How to connect:
Hit F1 in-game and paste in: net.connect eude90.playrust.eu:28015

Nice server, friendly admins, nice community and daily airdrop(s)

Much appreciated :).