[EU] [Rustish][Economy][Achievements][Toplists][Custom][More..]

Welcome and explore the new way to play Rust!
[EU] [Rustish][Economy][Achievements][Toplists][Custom][More…]

Connect by pressing F1 to open the console.
Copy this: net.connect

  • Military Weapons isn’t craftable
  • Explosive Charge (C4) isn’t craftable
  • Researchkits is removed from the game
  • Heavier weapons is slightly more rare than original
  • Sleepers

We want with this changes bring…
You a longer and more satisfying game!
It will be harder do dominate the server because of this. Do you dare the challenge?

Type /economy in-game to get started with Economy!
The amount of money, wont give you more advantage.
However, you can buy and sell resources or items, and put bounties of each other.

It’s a way to make money a part of the game.

You can get € by…
Killing animals and gather resources. (%)
Killing people and steal 15% of their money. (%)
Find bounties and slaughter them.
Use the shop to sell items and/or resources.

exactly what I’ve been looking for :slight_smile: