[EU] Rustopia PVP/SLEEP *NEW 30/11* - (200 Slots, NO Admin Abuse, NO Mods) -

Greetings everyone!

This is a complete new and fresh Server provided with enough Slots for upcoming active and high Playerbase if we can make it raise.

We are not going to start with anything like benefits/events for fresh starters, since we want to ensure 100% pure and realistic Rust Gameplay.

Sleepers and PVP, Modified Timeout settings to prevent duping and no Admin abuse is guaranteed.


#1: No Cheating / Exploiting (Ban)

/// Server Name: Rustopia PVP/SLEEP NEW 30/11 \\

/// net.connect \\


TL/DR - HARDCORE PvP experience - don’t like it, don’t play

Yesterday we had 8 players on the Server, still trying to get more people! Server Uptime is 24/7 so far and absolutely no Lags :slight_smile: